Specialist expertise which will help 
you to solve following issues 

General business issues

How to setup a well-functioning board with  right expertise and personalities?

How to create and secure right CEO support and a sustainable staff policy?

How build and implement a healthy and successful corporate mission, vision and  culture?

How secure right capital asset vs. decided development plan?

How develop and create a good relationship with your bank and other subcontractors?


How do you successfully establish yourself as a supplier to the grocery trade and the Foodservice market in Sweden?

How to create a relevant launch and sales plan?

How do you develop your sales of existing product range?

How to find, contract and collaborate with an external sales partner?

How to setup and be successful with your own sales force?

How to create the right type of follow-up method / routines internally and externally?

How analyze and evaluate your thoughts before an export venture?

Marketing & Trade Marketing

How create an optimal marketing mix versus your existing budget?

How communicate with consumers instore?

How be successful with marketing via social media?

How to reason / plan for sales/marketing via central trade campaigns?

How create a successful Marketing and Trade Marketing plan?

How to find and contract a suitable advertising agency?

Distribution and Administration

How create a cost-effective distribution and administration?

How design functioning price calculations that ensures a good profitability?

How to build a competent admin team?

How do you create routines / systems that work and live up to market requirements?

How do you create a well-functioning and balanced product flow?

How evaluate and consider when you want to hire an external full-service distributor in Sweden?