Your help to create success on FMCG and Foodservice market in Sweden! 

 Specialist competence - 40 years experience - Strong network

Specialist expertise within FMCG and Foodservice market in Sweden! 

Welcome to Petedus Consulting!       

With over 40 years of specialist expertise, I offer my help and support to companies that want to become successful suppliers to the grocery and foodservice market in Sweden.

Per Ericsson, 61 years, Senior consultant and owner:
My experience, knowledge and network have been built up for 
40 years through successful and leading positions in supplier companies to FMCG and the Food Service Market in Sweden. 
Read more about my background under tab "More about Petedus".

Today I run Petedus FMCG Consulting and as an extra asset I have to my help a very strong and close network with business friends in Sweden and in other Nordic countries.

What can I specifically do for your company?
Under the "Our Services" tab you will find a number of specific questions as I with specialist knowledge can help you solve within the following main areas.

* Overall business issues
* Sales
* Marketing and Trade Marketing
* Distribution
* Administration

Competence, flexibility and commitment are some of my value words. This means that my role can be tailored as for example: Advisor, Discussion/sparring partner, Board member, Project manager or act in an operational position on an interim basis.
Feel always welcome to give me a call for a free and unprejudiced discussion!

Per Ericsson, Senior Consultant and owner +46 709 96 95 50

Specialist expertise that you can use in a flexible and customized way!

Advisor or operational
support in your business

You choose and shape which specialist support is desired and which best suits your needs! Read more under the tab

Strategic planning

In some cases it may initially be useful to analyze and evaluate and possibly adjust the company's business concept and strategic plan. All to secure the company's "foundation piles" before other changes are implemented.


Sometimes you need to make major changes. This always requires a deep  preparation work to ensure right workflow and quality. We can give your management support and relief in this important work.

Customer Reference

In case of inquiries, I´m happy to convey customer references that help you to evaluate my capacity and knowledge!

Please leave us your details and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.