Specialist expertise with 40 years of operating experience gives you the right support and competence

It is important that an external consultant is ready to deliver a competent service from day one.

To succeed, specialized skills are required with an operative and longstanding experience!

Per Ericsson, 61 years, Senior Consultant and Owner:
"My experience, knowledge base and network have been built over 40 years through successful and leading positions within the supply chain to FMCG and the Food Service Market in Sweden ".

It may be mentioned that for the last 20 years I have had the privilege of who has been a CEO and developed a sales company that is now one of the Sweden's leading sales company for the grocery and foodservice market in Sweden. Prior to that, I had a long experience from a well-known multinational supplier company where I held several senior sales positions for a total of 17 years.
Today I run Petedus FMCG Consulting and as an additional asset I have a very strong and close network with business friends in Sweden and in other Nordic countries.

What can I specifically help you with?
Under the "Services" tab you will find a number of specific questions like us with specialist knowledge can help you solve within the following main areas.

* Overall business issues
* Sales
* Marketing and Trade Marketing
* Distribution
* Administration

Competence, flexibility and commitment are my corner stones, which means that the role can be tailored as, for example: adviser, project manager, board member or act in an operational position on an interim basis.
Always feel welcome to hit a signal for a free and premonitionless discussion!
Per Ericsson, Senior Consultant and Owner +46 709 96 95 50